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OVG’s Supplier Diversity Program

OVG’s continuous efforts to create positive disruptions in sports and entertainment are visible in all aspects of our operations. Our goal to be the industry leader in delivering diverse content and shows globally starts at the ground level. Whether developing a new arena or renovating an existing one, we are committed to ensuring our suppliers reflect the communities we serve.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond our employment policies to our business practices. Our goal is to build and maintain an inclusive supplier diversity program that provides maximum opportunity for small and diverse businesses to become OVG vendors. By providing local, small and diverse businesses opportunities to work with us, we foster economic inclusivity and ensure a positive impact is made in the communities where we operate. Being proactive and intentional helps us keep up with the ever-changing live entertainment industry, ensuring our supplier diversity program evolves as the industry does.


Who Do We Consider to Be a Diverse Supplier?

A diverse supplier is “a company/trader owned and managed at least 51% by a non-white minority, a disabled person or a woman.” We currently recognize a wide range of diverse certifications that include Minority Businesses, Women, Veterans, LGBTQ+, Disabled Persons, and other local city certifications. We understand that in certain instances we may have to use large-scale companies, but we will continue to make our best efforts to be economically inclusive every time opportunities arise.


Our Evaluation Process

There are several factors we consider when vetting our potential suppliers, which may change from market to market. Two areas we consistently emphasize are your company’s capacity and key differentiators.

Capacity, based on the size of your company, where in our operations would you be the most likely to succeed. The success of our suppliers is extremely important in live entertainment and sports in order to develop long-lasting partnerships. We would never want you to sacrifice the quality of the products and services being provided to your other clients.

Key differentiators, we know that diversity fosters innovation and we want to know what sets you apart from your competitors. This includes but is not limited to cost savings, reduction in delivery or setup times, value-added services, product/services quality, and sustainability.


Further Information on Minority Business Certificates


How To Participate

If you have any questions regarding the questionnaire or about the program, please send your inquiries to supplier.diversity@oakviewgroup.com