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What does it mean to really be GREAT? Sure, there are common industry standards on what is expected (clean, safe, etc.), but in the end, the answer is relative, customizable, and, in many cases, personal.

At the XL Center, we strive to be GREAT -- to win, to be innovative, and to be industry leading. It starts with our entrepreneurial mindset and translates into customer service. The GREAT program, is a new part time employee incentive program for the Guest Services and Security Staff.  Each month, there will be a chosen employee showcased for providing fans with GREAT service.  

G = Greet the customer
R = Relate with a friendly question
E = Explore the options
A = Address and respond to their needs
T = Thank the customer and make them feel appreciated


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  • Title: Event Security 
  • XL Center Team Member Since: September 2018
  • What Was Your Favorite Event Working Here: Every event has been different so far my favorite would be basketball
  • What Do You Like Best About Working At The XL Center: Interacting with all differnt types of patrons and basketball staff and working with upper management  
  • Favorite Sports Team: None
  • Favorite Food: Seafood
  • Best Gift You Ever Received: Just being around friends and family 
  • If You Could Vacation Anywhere in the World Where Would You Go: Possibly Ireland or somewhere warm  
  • If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone Dead or Alive Who Would It Be With: It would be interesting to have dinner with past presidents 
  • What Is Your Hidden Talent: I don't really have any 
  • Favorite Movie: I enjoy mulitple movies but mostly the Marvel Comic Franchise