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Have a question about your visit to XL Center? Check our Frequently Asked Questions.

How early may we enter the XL Center prior to an event?

Arena Doors for all XL Center events open one (1) hour prior to event start time, unless otherwise noted on the show’s event calendar listing.

What items may I bring into the arena with me?

Guests attending XL Center events are advised that bags, backpacks, luggage, coolers, parcels, briefcases and like articles will be strictly prohibited from the facility. All guests will be subject to search, at the XL Center’s discretion, of their person and/or possessions (including women’s handbags of normal size which may be allowed entry after such search). Guests with prohibited articles will be turned away at the entrances to return items to their vehicle or dispose of the items. No storage or “check-in area” will be provided.

Are cameras / recording devices permitted?

As a general rule, cameras with a 90mm lenses or detachable lenses are prohibited in the XL Center. Video Cameras, audio recording devices, and cameras with large telephoto lenses are not permitted for any event. Please visit our Building Policies page for a full description.

Is smoking permitted?

Guests are not allowed to smoke in the XL Center – Veterans Memorial Coliseum or Exhibition Center. For Coliseum events, the outside Smoking Area is located behind Section 112, which may or may not be available per show.

Can we bring food and beverages with us into the XL Center?

The XL Center, through its authorized representative, has exclusivity over all food and beverages consumed throughout the XL Center. No outside food & beverage is permitted into the XL Center.

Can I bring my child’s stroller to the XL Center?

If necessary, guests may bring strollers to events in the Arena and Exhibition Center. Please note strollers must be checked at Guest Services before proceeding to your seats. You may not leave strollers in the walkways, gates or on the concourse. XL Center is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged strollers. Guest Services is located outside of sections 124 and 106.

Is there a Coat Check?

The XL Center does not provide an area to check coats, however we do provide a location to check strollers. Strollers must be checked at Guest Services before proceeding to your seats, Guest Services is located at the main entrance near section 124 and outside of section 106.

Can I bring a sign into the arena with me?

Even though guests are welcome to bring signs into the building with them to show their support for their favorite team, player or entertainer, not all performers or teams permit signs in our building. UCONN forbids signs or banners from their home games wherever they are played. Signs may not be derogatory in any manner and must not contain foul language. Signs must be hand held and cannot be mounted on a stick or pole and they cannot block the view of other guests. Any interference with the enjoyment of another guest’s experience will result in the confiscation of the sign and/or possible ejection from the facility.

What are the Ticket Office Hours of Operation?

Monday – Friday 12:00pm to 5:00pm

The Sun Wave Gas + Power Ticket Office will remain open evenings when an event is scheduled until 1 hour after the beginning of the event. TheTicket Office will open 4 hours prior to the event start time for weekend events.

Tickets can be easily purchased on-line at www.xlcenter.com. To charge by phone, call the Sunwave Gas + Power Ticket Office at 877-522-8499.

How may I purchase tickets for XL Center events?

Please note the Agera Energy Ticket Office at the XL Center does not sell tickets on the first day that tickets are on sale for certain events. Please check the event calendar listing for details on a particular event.

The Agera Energy Ticket Office at the XL Center is located in the XL Center Atrium outside the main entrance to the arena on Trumbull Street. There are no refunds or exchanges on tickets and the Agera Energy Ticket Office does not accept any incoming phone calls. For all ticket availability inquiries, please contact the Agera Energy Ticket Office at 877-522-8499

Whom do I contact about Group Sales information?

For Group Sales information on events held at XL Center please call (860) 548-2000 to speak with a representative.

At what age does a child require a ticket?

All individuals two-years-old or older must possess a valid ticket for entry into the XL Center. Children under two-years-old are admitted free of charge for most events, as long as they sit on a lap. Please note specific events require children one-year-old or older to posses a ticket and will be noted on the show’s event calendar listing.

I have lost my tickets for an event. What happens now?

If you have lost your tickets or if they have been stolen before your event takes place, please return to your point of purchase for further assistance.

Does XL Center provide accommodations for the disabled?

Tickets for guests with disabilities, subject to availability, may be purchased over the phone by calling (860) 249-7528, any weekday during normal business hours, or at the Sunwave Gas + Power Office at the XL Center. 

My ticket is marked General Admission. Where do I sit?

General Admission ticketing means that you do not possess a reserved seat. Seating (or Arena Floor space) is obtained on a first come-first serve basis. We ask that you do not reserve General Admission seats for guests that are meeting you inside the Arena.

Can I refund or exchange tickets?

The XL Center has a no refund, no exchange policy on tickets for all events.

Does the XL Center have a Lost & Found?

If you lose an item while the event is still taking place, please report the incident to our Guest Relations Booth located outside of section 124 near the main entrance or outside of section 112. If the event has ended, please contact the main office at (860) 249-6333 ext 0, Monday-Friday between 9AM-5PM.

Where can I park for XL Center events?

There are several indoor and outdoor parking locations throughout the downtown area, all within walking distance to the arena. Please visit our “Directions” page for a detailed map of the various parking facilities. For additional information, including pricing, please visit www.hartfordparking.com

What hotels are within walking distance to the XL Center?

Hartford Hilton
315 Trumbull Street

Holiday Inn Express
440 Asylum Street
(860) 246-9900

Crown Plaza
50 Morgan Street
(860) 549-2400

Marriott Residence Inn
942 Main Street
(860) 524-5550

For a complete listing of hotels, please visit www.hartford.com