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Loge Box Seating

To purchase a Loge Box, please call (860) 722-9637, e-mail

 [email protected] or fill out the information form below

The most exciting concept in arena seating today, Loge Boxes combine the intimacy of stadium box seats and the upscale amenities of an Executive Suite to create a truly unique and unmatched viewing experience.




First introduced in 2014, these semi-private, opera-style box seats deliver an array of amenities to Loge Box holders and their guests for most XL Center arena events! Loge Box seating combines first-class perks and privileges with a close-to-the-action feel that no other XL Center seating experience offers. Whether it’s a 6, 8, 10, or 16 seat Loge Box, here is what you can expect:

  • In-Seat Food and Beverage Service via tablet/kiosk ordering system
  • ‘Premium Seating’ type Food and Beverage options
  • Televisions within the Loge Box to bring the sporting action even closer to you and your guests
  • Extra wide seating to allow for more comfortable viewing of the events
  • A refrigerator in your Loge Box for added convenience




Loge Boxes are located in the arena bowl between the first and second level seating.



For more information about Loge Box purchases, please fill out the information below, call 860-722-9637 or e-mail [email protected]